Cheesecake, Burgers, Restaurant Mac + Cheese, Salt + Vinegar Chips, Organic Peanut Butter Cups, Ice Cream, Fresh Veggies, Dirty Chai’s, French 75’s, Mangos, Kidney Beans.

Scrapbooking. Sci-Fy. Dancing. Reading good books with a highlighter. Working at coffee shops. Woodsy Walks.

Jesus. Encouraging.

Being a Number One Fan.


Candles. Cuddling my pup Theo. Yard work. Blankets. Large mugs. Mood Lighting.

Canoeing. Camping. Jeeps. Fall Leaves. Rain. Living with the windows open.

Encouraging Character.

My siblings. My friend’s babies.

Quick Snark. Throwing footballs.


Vancouver, Calgary, Banff, Manitoba

Sweden, Denmark, Norway

Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Austria


Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, El Salvador

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Chicago, Texas, Florida, Portland, Seattle, North Dakota, Iowa, Colorado, Kentucky, California, Arizona


Wear heels of some sort.

Make you do something artsy.

Hug your mom.

Make you get “even closer” to your family during portraits.

Boss people around.

Bring cool lighting equipment.

High-five other vendors.

Drool over your flowers.

Profusely thank your florist.

Make up words on accident.

Yell out of excitement.

Get the funniest dance floor shots you’ve ever seen.

Give every member of your bridal party a new LinkedIn | Dating app | Facebook profile pic.



Well, it’s very good to finally meet you. I’m so excited that you’re here. Grab onto your loved ones arm, snuggle them just a little, and keep reading.

I grew up in a highly artistic family, which is such a funny statement to me. I’ve only recently pieced together all of our accomplishments and passions and realized that we all carry the same heartstring. My parents were preforming artists, making the art of pantomime work cross-culturally as they preformed both nationally and internationally. I grew up sleeping on European street corners during art festivals and then eventually, preforming with them on stage. I’ve always seen the movements and emotions that carry a story. I joined yearbook in high school but had no idea what I was doing with a camera. I’m sure I made many mistakes, but I knew I liked being at the sideline during games and carrying the camera over my shoulder.

During my early twenties, I had this urging in me to learn photography. I’m so thankful to have listened to that little voice! I picked up my first camera, listened to a lot of wonderful mentors, and jumped right in.

Its so funny to look back on your life and realize how many things have shaped you and placed you right where you are. Can you think of those things in your life?

Because of my upbringing I have a huge passion for celebrations, culture, family, and commitment. Wedding photography combines all of those passions into one grand day. I always feel so refreshed and energized during and after weddings. It’s really where I was born to be.

I’m not particular, but I thrive off details. I’m a big extrovert, with a compassionate heart. I’m bold, but I am kind. I enjoy hugging my clients at the end of the day. I enjoy supporting and encouraging.

Photography makes me excited. Running a business makes me excited. It’s hard work, but it’s work I was meant to do.

There’s an age old mentality surrounding a wedding day - the mentality that every guest you invite to your marriage ceremony is a witness. A witness that swears to support and stand by the both of you as you go through all of the ups and downs of a marriage relationship. I take that very seriously.

It is an honor to spend the day with you. It is an honor to serve you. It is an honor to be right where I am, doing this. My gratitude is felt in my work.

I am always up for an adventure.

Hopefully, the next one is with the both of you.


BEHIND THE NAME: “Steena” is a nickname that was made for me in 8th grade by a dear friend. I asked that when he was making up the nickname that it wouldn't be something typical. It stuck. My littlest sister was the first person to call me “Steena” on a daily basis, followed by my family and close friends. “Anne” is my middle name. My parent’s named me after Anne of Green Gables, so the “e” n the end is very important. Anne’s sense of wonder, romance, and imagination has never left my life. Personally, I love the symmetry of all the “e,” “a,” and “n’s” - It’s nice to look at.

There is so much in the world for us all if we only have the eyes to see it, and the heart to love it, and the hand to gather it to ourselves - so much in men and women, so much in art and literature, so much everywhere in which to delight, and for which to be thankful.
— Anne of the Island, pg. 218


Do you bring a second photographer? Almost all of the time, yes. If the wedding is more intimate and smaller, there is usually no need for another body there. But I’m known to bring an intern or assistant in the second shooter’s place. I highly enjoy my second photographers and consider them a valuable and important part of my business and your big day.

How many hours should we book? My base package is 8 hours, but to be honest, I enjoy a nice 9-10 hour wedding day. Most of my clients end up booking an extra hour or two for travel and enjoy having more time in the beginning of the day for candids and details. I love getting all of the moments of your day without rushing you.

What equipment do you use? Most of my wedding work is shot on a Nikon D750 with a 35mm lens. I love having a 70-200mm during more candid moments like your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. That lens allows me to sneak up close to people without disrupting. I work with an off-camera flash and have studio lighting for when it’s too cold for grandma and grandpa to go outside.

What’s your favorite part of a wedding day? I really do love it all. But my absolute favorite moments are when I get to arrange all your sparkly details, work with your florals, put the both of you in new and beautiful spots, and sneak crispy candids for you to see later.

Do you include engagement sessions? No, those are booked separately. I have a lot of clients that love having the flexibility! This option also allows me to work with more couples during the year. I even have wedding clients that book more than one session leading up to their wedding day - I’ll work with you at every chance I get. And yes, bring your dog.

Do you travel? Yes! I have always loved traveling for clients. We work together to make that extra travel expense work! It ALWAYS pays off. There is just something special about being in a place that means the world to you.

What’s your method of delivery? How long does that take? I deliver your wedding portraits via an online gallery. You have full printing rights. I recommend that you take your portraits to a professional lab like White House (based in Minneapolis) or Artifact Uprising. Editing and delivery for a wedding takes roughly 6-8 weeks. Editing and delivery for portrait sessions is 4 weeks.


Do you do work besides weddings? Yes! But with every business, there are certain things that I enjoy most. Beyond weddings, I enjoy creating editorial portraits, being with a new mama as she gives birth, working with companies/creatives to promote products/services that I believe in. I have a huge passion for being in disaster relief programs and using my photography to tell truthful, hard-to-hear stories.

What are you business hours? Sometimes I feel like I’m always working! My business hours are Monday through Thursday from 10am-7pm. I’ve found that this allows me to run photography related errands in the morning and still accommodate after work hour meetings for clients. Friday through Sunday, I’m usually photographing a wedding. Weekends are reserved for wedding coverage and family time. Smaller sessions like engagements and portraits, can be scheduled Monday-Thursday.

What’s your preferred form of communication? Emails, emails, emails. I love my email inbox. If you inquire here, it goes straight into my inbox and logged into a folder.

Got a questions? Inquire here!


Christina Erickson of STEENA ANNE PHOTOGRAPHY is a fine art portrait and wedding photographer. She is based in Minneapolis, MN and lives with her with two roommates and her Newfoundland/Lab mix, Theo.